Via Ferrata

Walking along a steep rock face secured by a rope – this is undeniably the latest ultimate adrenalin kick!

The via ferrata here is exceptional because it leads down from Mürren to Gimmelwald. The spectacular views of the 4000m Bernese Alps are of course included!

The new via ferrata starts high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the lovely village of Mürren (1640m) and from there it leads steeply downwards. As a rule via ferratas lead upwards but in contrast, the way leads from Mürren almost directly down in the direction of Gimmelwald. The via ferrata usually takes about three hours and covers 2.2km with a difference in altitude of 400m. The words “via ferrata” come from the Italian language and mean way of iron or iron way and signify a sort of intermediate stage between normal mountain walking and free

Open from 1st of June to the end of October from 9am to 6pm

Technical Details:
- Length of the via ferrata 2,2km
- Difference in altitude: 300m
- Length of the tyrolienne: 60m
- Length of the Nepal bridge: 80m
- Diameter of the safety rope: 11mm
- Diameter of the tyrolienne rope: 11mm
- Diameter of the Nepal bridge rope: 26mm
- Diameter of the anchoring: 20mm
- Diameter of the ladder rungs: 20mm


Level of Difficulty

- K3
- The route includes steep rocky terrain but the path is fully secured. Parts of the way are steep or vertical but are made safer by ladders or metal rungs. Even in the easier parts of the route, climbers are assisted by cables. Securing yourself with ropes is also recommended, as the via ferrata is quite dangerous in parts.

Entry by the Sportchalet in Mürren.

In order to undertake this via ferrata each climber needs a climbing belt and a climbing set specially designed for via ferratas (sling with 2 carabiner hooks) and a helmet.


Guided Tours with a Mountain Guide:

Climbing via ferratas should be taught. Inexperienced climbers should go with a mountain guide for the first time. This is not only to teach the techniques but also to assess the risks and physical fitness and safety in general. For a guided tour, a mountain guide should take no more than 8 people.

Contact to rent equpiment or book a guided tour